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Manage energy not time

Everyone got the same amount of hours but those hours look different to everyone

I wonder a lot about how time flies so fast. It seems like today is Monday and suddenly Friday pops up. It’s true saying, that nothing changes every day but when you look back on a decade everything is different.

If everyone gets the same amount of time then how come some human beings turn out exceptional and some live mediocrely. Let’s imagine if every human being starts with the same resources, opportunity, and health. Still, in a few years or maybe months time, I think few human beings will be far ahead of others in terms of happiness, satisfaction and how well they grew their resources.

I am not suggesting that life is a race, in fact, the opposite. If we ignore everyone else and just focus on our own 24 hours, we will find that most of the time is wasted in compulsive activities like checking Instagram, browsing Youtube, gossiping over lunch, etc.

Every human being has the desire to grow whether it is in terms of their money, reputation or impact. So we can safely assume that at the end of a compulsive day where 5 hours (20% of a day) are spent without our conscious permission, will make us feel bad. This feeling if persist will fade away and our thinking will adjust itself to such behaviors.

I can bet the best creators in the world whether Youtube, Movies, Designers don’t consume social media anywhere close to an average person. What does this tell you?

I am not saying to shut down all social media and go live in a box. The idea is to be aware of how our time is spent in a day. Allot a fixed amount of time to social media, Netflix, whatever soothes your soul. But not more than that.

Because a second turns into a minute, a minute into a day, a day into a year, and years into life.

If you don’t control your minute, how can you control your life?

Author: Arnav Puri

Love to try new things, trying to build something

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