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One day at a time.

Dreaming is easy, making them come true is damn hard.

Well, it depends on the size of your dreams though, if you don’t have dreams scary enough, you need to up your game. (personal opinion)

I have been overwhelmed lately with things I want to achieve. I want to be a really good programmer, I want to be an awesome teacher, I want to be an impactful Entrepreneur, I want to be a writer, etc. etc.

I am sure in this extrovert world, where every other page or account we follow on Instagram are showing off their great successes. Some of them are just hoax but some are real. The thing is when they were grinding Instagram wasn’t around and they weren’t burdened by the pressure of other people’s success. When I describe it this way it feels dumb to be affected by other’s journey in this manner.

Anyways, the thing that I have been following for almost a month has actually helped me. Rather than thinking daily about my dreams and why I am not able to achieve them faster, I am taking it one day at a time. Every day I decide one thing which is crucial for me to move forward and just focus on doing that. This advice you might have read at a lot of places but it actually helps. Another huge change I made for myself (night owl) is that I started waking up early which turned out to be a great boost for my productivity overall.

Me Aalsi tha

English Translation - I used to be lazy, now I wake up early! 💁‍♂️

I am not saying it makes dreams easy to achieve but definitely helps you enjoy the chase more. Isn’t that’s what we are trying to do. Enjoy. Who knows chase may even be better than the dream itself? 😉

Author: Arnav Puri

Love to try new things, trying to build something

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