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Just ship it

Release that product already.

The one you have been working on for 2 years now.

The one in which you keep changing colors because you are bored of seeing the same one.

The one in which you keep switching frameworks to a new fancier one.

The one which you keep optimizing for a million users when you don’t even have 1000.

The one which you keep refactoring it to make the code more readable.

The one which is becoming brain dump of features and ideas you keep having every week.

This is what I am telling myself right now. I have been working on an LMS which we use internally in our company (read 3 people), the goal is to convert it to a SaaS application.

But had a good breakthrough, we have given it to small firms for testing, and with their feedback, we would be improving it and making it better for other coaching classes/schools.

Now I am hoping that we won’t be caught in an endless feedback loop but keep releasing it more and more companies. Because to be honest after spending so much time, energy and thought into one product, it becomes scarier to release. The more you hold onto something the crazier you become.

Let the market decide what they want and stop coding that animation that you want.

Any advice on how to be on track and how to manage a SaaS business (in the education sector to be specific).

Author: Arnav Puri

Love to try new things, trying to build something

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