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Brave or Stupid

Someone is offering you ₹ 25,00,000 (equivalent to $100,000 as per living standards) and you walk away because you are adamant to try to build something of your own.

Brave or Stupid?

You know if you fail you might not get back the same kind of job or the time that you “waste” pursuing golden dream won’t come back, yet you want to take a leap of faith.

Brave or Stupid?

When you start getting a continuous stream of freelance work and you decide to shut all them down because you want to spend more time working on your “own” thing.

Brave or Stupid?

If someone offers you a job after you have been struggling for 3 years to get on your feet and you still decline them because you feel like you can give it 1 more year.

Brave or Stupid?

I don’t know if the things that I do on a daily basis they are out of bravery or out of stupidity. And I guess only time will tell because these choices will definitely compound over time. It seems scary sometimes that what if it was all stupidity and I was just following something blindly. But on the other side if it all works out, won’t it be awesome?

If it doesn’t go as planned, will take it as learning and go back to the job world (I doubt I will ever go there again 😛)

Do you also get similar doubts that what you are doing is it Brave or Stupid?

Author: Arnav Puri

Love to try new things, trying to build something

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